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Are you bothered by the creepy crawlies infesting your house? Has it been a nightmare to go to the kitchen? If so, itโ€™s high time you choose a pest control service to eliminate them and not risk your health and well-being any further! That is where we, Pest Blaster Services come in, the best pest control service near you that provides safe pest control for you and your child. Regardless of whatever pests infest your house, we can successfully remove all. We offer cheap pest control services to help terminate all kinds of pests, such as rodents, termites, German cockroaches, bed bugs, etc.

We provide our clients with the best. Our professionally trained staff is sure to terminate the root cause of any pest infestation while protecting plants, children, and pets, solving most pest-related situations. We guarantee to keep the pests away, be it in real estate, industrial or commercial areas, or your house, our pest control services have you covered.

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Best Ways to Prevent Pest Infestation

Remove Food Sources
Do not allow water to stand
Clean the kitchen and bathroom regularly
Close all Possible Entrances
Keep the drains clean
Avoid fruits and vegetables out for long
Use Professional Pest Control
Throw the garbage regularly
Install Halogen
Keep the front and backyard maintained

Signs of Pest Infestations

Our Unique Selling Proposition

  • Active Pest
  • Dead Bugs
  • Pest Dropping
  • Nesting
  • Holes, Grease Marks, Gnaw Marks, and Tracks
  • Termite Indication
  • Foul Smell
  • Claw Sounds, Squeaking or Shrieking
  • Ant Hills
  • Breeding Grounds
  • Mole Holes
  • Damaged Plants and Garden or Lawn Patches
  • Unusual Holes or Sawdust Piles
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We follow 5 Step Process

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Our Working Process
Work Principle

We visit you to inspect the area and prepare it for future decontamination. And consider any of your concerns.


Depending on the amount of work and size of your house, we will carry out the disinfection process within a couple of hours.


After the disinfection is complete, we do all the removal. You won’t have to worry about that!

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Few Of The Problems We Solve

These pests arenโ€™t limited to a specific place. Pest control companies have reported them to be found everywhere. Although they like to hide in small cracks, they usually choose a place close to a human environment which includes houses, apartments, hotels, hospitals, and even public transport.

To ensure quality solutions against pests and keep your health in check we use eco-friendly W.H.O-approved chemicals. Our exterminators include gels, sprays, powders, and other anti-pest products that are best suited for pest extermination.

Yes, the treatments we provide are government approved for our valuable customers. Products designed to kill pests hold minimal risk for humans. However, regarding your safety, if there is a need for evacuation our experts will suggest safety measures.

In the past two decades, our services have been provided in several areas and there have never been any problems in those areas again. Based on the infestation, we will ensure long-lasting permanent relief after our work is done so you can completely rely on us.

Bedbugs are not easy to get rid of on your own. So it’s best to take all the measures required to prevent an infestation. For that, you need to be vigilant about your surroundings when returning from a trip and make sure your clothes and luggage are pest-free.

The type of pest and size of your house are two main factors that affect the time it will take to get your house pest-free. Anyhow, our professionals will take an overview of the situation and give you an estimate. If multiple kinds of pests are spotted during the process, the time for controlling measures might increase respectively.

Pest Blaster extends its professional pest control services to a number of regions, which encompass Greystanes, Yennora, Birrong, Merrylands, Cabramatta West, and Fairfield West and nearby Sydney areas. If you reside in any of these areas, you can rely on Pest Blaster for comprehensive pest control solutions.