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General Pest Removal and Control

General Pest Removal and Control

Pests are a nuisance and get in the way of your comfort. We can control the invasion and infestation of pests using effective methods that are not harmful to human health. We try to use chemicals that are safe for the environment and yet effective in eliminating pests. 

Ant Control Sydney

Ant Control

Ants might look harmless but these tiny pests can wreck havoc at your home. They can interfere with the wiring and make it difficult to store simple items like sugar and cookies. You can easily bring these ants under control with our effective methods.

Bee Control Sydney

Bee Control

Bees are necessary for the environment, but they can be harmful when they are within your home. Bee stings can be excruciating and care needs to be taken especially when there are young children around. Our specialised bee removal and control methods can help you eliminate this threat.

Bird Lice Removal Sydney

Bird Lice Removal

Humans might not naturally host these pests, but the bites of bird lice can cause bacterial infections. We remove bird lice using techniques that do not cause harm to birds including disinfection, cleaning, and insecticides that are not toxic for birds.

Carpet Beetles Sydney

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles can cause damage to household items such as fabrics, carpets, wool and upholstered furniture among others. The larvae of these beetles feed on materials while the beetles themselves can cause allergic reactions. We are experts at carpet beetle removal and in preventing any future infestations.

Flee Treatment Sydney

Flee Treatment

Flees can cause irritation, allergic reactions, tick infestations such as Lyme disease and also lead to discomfort in pets. It is important to treat for fleas by consulting pest control professionals like us. We wil not only treat for current infestations, but also prevent future buildups.

Cockroach Control Sydney

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the oldest living insect species in the world, meaning they’ve survived everything. They are known to carry harmful sickness-causing bacteria, including typhoid and diarrhea. They dine on food, paper, and plants causing damage to both health and property. They are most likely to become infested in kitchens or restaurants, giving an unsanitary and creepy appearance. With our long-lasting treatments, we guarantee to eliminate cockroaches for good.

European Wasps Sydney

European Wasps

European Wasps are native to Europe but have been introduced to Australia. They are black and yellow and are feared due to their aggressive nature and extremely painful stings.They feed on fruit and can damage fruit orchards. They are social wasps, so do yourself a favor and call our team as soon as you spot even one of these.

Mice Prevention Sydney

Mice Prevention

Despite taking regular precautions, rodents like mice can invade your property. Call our team to carry out foolproof mice prevention on your property.

Mosquito Prevention Sydney

Mosquito Prevention

Let us help you proof your property from moquitoes by making sure screens are in place and are in good condition and spraying your property so that mosquitoes do not enter. Mosquitoes can be abundant in some environments, but we can help you safeguard your property from being invaded by these pesky creatures.

Moth Control Sydney

Moth Control

Our team will inspect your property, determine the species of moth, and develop extermination techniques using chemicals that are not toxic to human health. We will also employ exclusion strategies such as sealing cracks and openings to prevent infestations.

Rodent Control & Treatment Sydney

Rodent Control & Treatment

Our team will inspect your property to identify the extent of infestation. We will then set up traps to bait the rodents and remove them. Once eliminated we will recommend sanitation techniques and changes to the environment to prevent future contamination. Call us for rodent control and treatment now!

Silverfish extermination

Silverfish extermination

Silverfish can cause harm to items made from natural fibers. They can be destructive to your property, which is why it is necessary to exterminate them from your home. We use specially formulated silverfish extermination pesticides and encourage you to reduce moisture in your home through dehumidifiers and ventilation so that infestation can be completely prevented. Call us now!

Spider Control Sydney

Spider Control

While a spider or two may actually control other pests in your house, a persistent and severe presence of spiders can cause allergies, and their bites can sting. Moreover, arachnophobia is common and can make it stressful for some household memners. We can help you bring your spider infestations under control with our environmentally innocuous methods. Call us today!

Wasp Control Sydney

Wasp Control

As professionals, we will engage in nest removal, chemical treatment, trapping and preventative measures to make sure that your property is free from these creatures.

Possum Control Sydney


Possums are primarily scavengers but they can bite if they feel threatened. Moreover, they can be carriers of ticks and fleas that can cause be harmful for humans and their pets. In addition, possums can transmit tuberculosis making it important to prevent them from entering your property. Check in with us to solve your possum problems.

Bed Bug Control Sydney

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can cause itchy and painful welts and can be costly to remove especially as they are ingrained deep within furniture and household items. They might not cause any diseases but they are a nusiance and can cause sleep deprivation.

Fly Control Sydney

Fly Control

An overpopulation of flies can result from lack of sanitation, presence of organic compost, as well as standing water. We can help you control flies using several methods that will help you with the long term solution of this issue. We use pesticides, help with sanitation, set up screens and traps, and advise on areas to keep closed to prevent flies from entering. Call our team now to get rid of this irritating problem.

Local Pest Control Service In Sydney

Disinfection Services (Prevent infection)

We remove harmful microorganisms through our disinfection services. With our surface, air, fogging, and electrostatic disinfections methods you can be rid of bacteria, fungi, and viruses for a long time. We alos provide specialised disinfections for COVID-19. Call our team now to avail our disinfection services.

Pest Control Service In Sydney
Emergency Pest Treatment

Are you facing a venomous spider or snake, or is it a disease carrying infestation in your home that has you scared for your health and safety? We have trained technicians to inspect your property and provide emergency pest treatment. Call us urgently if you are in danger from pests!

Building Inspection

Our expert inspectors are trained to check for safety hazards and potential areas where pests may enter. They also check for mold and pest infestations so that you can be proactively deal with

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers put in place by our team to stop pesky rodents and pests from entering your home or office. Call us to find out how we can help you barricade against pests.

Pest Control Sydney
Pest Management for Commercial and Industrial Properties

We specialise in managing pests at commercial and industrial properties. We understand the critical significance of running a pest-free facility, and we also know how difficult it can get for you to focus on work whren you have pests distracting you from work and impacting productivity. We have industrial and commercial chemicals and techniques to help remove and control pest infestations. Call us for a consult today!