Pet-friendly pest control

Pet-friendly pest control:

Many people keep pets and treat them like family members. They care for and love their pets, and while some people may say that it’s “just an animal” it shows how those people have never had a furry four-legged friend. Nothing can compare to the joy you feel when you get home tired from work and your pet is there to cuddle with you and show you love. The unquestioning love of a pet does more than just keep you company. Pets also help improve heart health, decrease stress levels, and help children with their social and emotional skills.

Pet-friendly pest control is when pest management practices are used to control pests while minimizing any risks to pets. Pests that are dangerous to your health also harm your pet’s health. At Pest Blaster Services, we wholeheartedly understand the love one has in their heart for their precious pet and how you may wonder if pest control services are safe for them. We assure you that we not only have your health as a priority but also your pet’s. This is why we incorporate the use of pet-friendly pest control among our insecticides. The use of our eco-friendly pest control products helps your pets stay healthy and also the environment around them.

Pests that pose serious threats to your pets:

Pests may be a nuisance to humans, but many people don’t realize that some pests pose potential health risks to our pet’s health than ours. Below we have a list of the common pest you should keep away from your pets:

⦁    Mosquitoes
⦁    Fleas
⦁    Ticks
⦁    Venomous spiders
⦁    Bees
⦁    Ants
⦁    Cockroaches
⦁    Bugs

These pests are carriers of various diseases and can transmit them to your pets. Moreover, pets often tend to eat bugs and ingest them, which can cause several problems.

Ticks and fleas are the most dangerous for your pets as they live and thrive off your pet’s skin and blood, biting them, causing them to shed hair, bleed from scratching themselves too much, and in severe cases develop Lyme disease, Kidney diseases, anemia and in some cases death from respiratory problems.

How to protect your pets against pests:

Pest Blaster Services always suggests preventing an infestation before it happens, since it is the best way to protect your pets and your home from common household pests. So here are some steps pet owners can take to protect their pets from pests:

⦁    After a walk or playtime outside, inspect your pet comprehensively. Brush their coat right after you get home to remove any debris or insects. Be especially careful if your pet has been in wooden areas or high grasses because this is where pests prosper

⦁    Bath dogs regularly and cats occasionally, using a shampoo that can kill pests.

⦁    Be on watch for skin irritations on your pet, such as red bite marks or itchy skin. Excess scratching is a major indicator that they have skin itches and irritations.

⦁    It’s best to consult with a vet to decide if preventative medication is recommended for your pet.

⦁    If you notice sudden changes in your animal’s behavior, such as a lack of appetite or decreased energy, take them to your vet as soon as possible. This may be a sign of Lyme disease or another health issue caused by pests.

⦁    Clean and wash your pet’s bedding, carrier, toys, food bowls, and sleeping areas frequently. Vacuum or sweep regularly and wash linens regularly to maintain a clean environment.

⦁    Keep your home clean and free from unnecessary clutters to discourage pest infestations and make it easy to spot any pests that find their way indoors.

⦁    If your pet has long hair, having them groomed in the spring and summer is a good idea since in these seasons, ticks and fleas are most frequent. Not only will this help prevent insects from hiding in their long hair, but it will also help to keep your pet cool during the warm times of the year.

⦁    Fleas and ticks often hide out in tall grasses. So keeping your lawn cut short and the gardens well maintained will prevent breeding grounds for pests. 

⦁    If you find a tick on your pet, remove it, bathe them immediately, and seek the consultation of a vet.

⦁    If you suspect your home is infested with ticks or fleas, contact Pest Blaster Services. 

These steps are sure to help your pets stay free from any pest harm or health hazards. However, if you suspect an infestation, Pest Blaster Services can always come by and inspect your property! We provide pet-friendly pest control securing their health and the environment, doesn’t matter if they are German cockroaches, silverfish, or wasps. Give us a call!

When to contact our pest control service:

It’s always best to be safe than sorry. And prevention is always better than cure. But pests are too small and skilled at hiding to still cause an infestation in our houses or offices. You may not detect or realize an infestation unless it gets too severe. It’s okay to tackle the problem on your own if there are a few roaches or bugs around, but if you spot more and don’t realize the extent of the infestation, then it’s best to leave the situation as it is for your own safety and get your pets to a safe and secure location. And then give Pest Blaster Services a call.

We use pet-friendly pest control services that are also eco-friendly and won’t harm you or your pets. Our pesticides and rodenticides are formulated with environment-friendly chemicals and materials to ensure maximum safety and protection. However, it is recommended to keep your pets and children in a separate room while our team is disinfecting your house for extra safety. Since we also deal with the removal post-disinfection, you won’t have to worry amount your pet ingesting any dead pests!


As a pet owner, we understand your concern about our pesticides and what makes them pet-friendly. Here’s why: For maximum security, we have our pesticides registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), which makes them board-certified for use against pests and safe for pets. Other than that, our experts have taken special care during the manufacturing process to make our products strong enough to kill insects and rodents while still being gentle enough to protect the environment, children, and pets from harm.

Although it’s not necessary for your pets to leave during a treatment, it is recommended. But, of course, if it is a flea treatment, then your pet will need to stay. Our professionals have the expertise to keep your pets calm during a flea treatment. Aside from that if it is a general pest control process, we advise you to keep your pets away while it takes place, because pets tend to feel irritated due to pesticide smell or sprays and may ingest dead insects. After the disinfection and removal are done and the area dries out, your pets can come back home in a pet-safe environment!