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Real estate pest control

Real estate pest control:

Generally speaking, as the landlord, it is your responsibility to keep your real estate property clear and free from pests. So, regardless of the plans you have for your property, it’s always in your best interest to keep it in a satisfactory condition. Accomplishing this will require more than just regular, occasional maintenance. Hence, prevention remains the most suitable way for landlords to manage these pest situations. Since most of the time when real estate property remains not rented, it tends to be empty, real estate properties are likely to get infested with pests or rodents.

Pest control is important for real estate properties as much as it is for other lively places like houses and offices. Pest Blaster Services provides cheap pest control options for your real estate property. It is essential to inspect your property before selling it since pest infestations can threaten the deal, lead to costly repairs, and impact the safety and health of the occupants. It is a good idea to spend some cash on getting your property thoroughly inspected by us before selling it to your tenants to avoid any potential risks that may cause damage to your pocket as well as your property.

How to keep your real estate property pest-free:

Pests have a bad habit of getting into places where they are unwanted. Getting pests in your real estate property is embarrassing, messy, and unprofessional. So, before you have an infestation on your hands, take these preventive measures to ward off these uninvited guests.

Seal any suspected openings and entry points

Pests that invade homes or properties are small, and in some cases, teeny tiny. Hence, it can be tricky to keep them from getting inside your house. Pests reach indoors through small cracks and spaces around doors, walls, and windows. It doesn’t even take much of an opening for ants, termites, spiders, fleas, ticks, or mice to get through. The older your property is, the higher chances you have to have some small hidden spaces through which pests can enter. 

Keep your property clean

Sweep/vacuum and mop often, and wipe down the kitchen countertops regularly. Using products with antiseptics makes your property less appealing to pests. It’s also best to remove any unnecessary clutters and organize your place regularly. Since pests love mess and clutter, if you have junk in your basement, it should be arranged or discarded.

Remove any food sources properly

Like any animal, pests are always on the lookout for food. Leaving food or leftovers out is an invitation for pests to come right inside and make themselves feel at home. Often if food is eaten in your occasional visits to your property, any little crumbs that may fall are enough to lure pests in. If you do store food at your property, keep it in sealed containers in cupboards or closed pantries.

Purchase traps or poison

You don’t absolutely have to spot a house mouse or any other pest to set up poison or traps, so while you are away from your property and it is not rented, it’s a good idea to be assertive and set some traps around the house for rodents. You can also place pest poison or blocks that will kill pests effectively. The best part about these products is that they are cost-effective and don’t take much effort. If you suspect that your property may be at risk of housing pests, act now and set up these traps.

Make your property unappealing to pests

Unwanted house guests, like rats and spiders, look for certain conditions before invading a house. One of the most appealing qualities of a property is its humidity level. Many pests prefer a dark, moist, humid environment. This is why you’ll often spot them in basements, attics, or cornered crawl spaces. You may also ensure that your property has good air ventilation and flow.

Proper Waste Management

Regularly take out any garbage and ensure it is stored in sealed shoppers or bins. Pests are attracted to waste and junk, so proper waste management can help deter them and keep them away.

The importance of regular pest control for real estate owners:

Regular pest control is an important strategy that prevents damage and maintains your property’s overall value. By keeping pests at bay, you ensure that your property remains attractive to potential buyers or renters and avoid the pricey repairs connected with pest damage. Many pests, like termites, can cause considerable damage to your property before their presence is even detected. Hence, managing control of pest situations is significantly important in helping with these situations: 

  • The presence of pests can be extremely off-putting and any transactions between the landlord and the buyer could be delayed, or you may end up losing the deal entirely.
  • Identifying and attending to pest issues before listing your property raises its market value and beauty to potential buyers.
  • Investing in an affordable real estate pest control service can help you keep your property clear and free from pests, saving up on any damages or deal breakers they may cause.

At Pest Blaster Services, we offer cheap solutions to all your pest problems.

When to call a pest control service:

Although, as a real estate owner, regular inspections are necessary. It may be possible that you were not able to get your property infested as often, and your preventative measures were not as effective. In this case, you may have an infestation at your hands. These critters are incredibly skilled at hiding, you may not notice their presence unless it gets severe and overwhelming. Do not try to deal with a pest infestation on your own. Immediately contact a real estate pest control service to ensure your safety and complete elimination of any pests present at your property.

At Pest Blaster Services, we guarantee you that once you give us a call and schedule an appointment with us, you will never have to worry about a pest infestation issue again! Additionally, we also handle the removal after disinfection so you won’t have to stress about that either.

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As the landlord, you are responsible for pest control on your real estate property. And are obliged to provide a pest-free home to your tenants. But that doesn’t leave the tenant with no responsibilities. As a tenant, one should follow prevention methods and deal with a small-scale pest presence on their own by using safe and certified pesticides. But when a pest infestation is all over the property, when the real estate property is occupied, or not occupied, it is the responsibility of the landlord. Keeping this in mind, Pest Blaster Services provides cheap real-estate pest control services.

It is recommended you get professional pest control providers to inspect your property at least once a year to prevent any severe infestations. Also, regardless of whether you see a pest or not, many may be hiding in the dark corners of your property, and only professionals can know and examine these hidden spaces and termites. So, yearly is fine, unless your property is present at a location where it is prone to pests, then you may require it twice, or more. Whenever you’d need it, Pest Blaster is at your service! Additionally, if you plan on establishing a new real estate property, we encourage you to get our pre-construction termite control service to permanently secure your property from termite damage.